How we must atone; before we turn to stone.


Hello there, I'm Sara. I'm 16 and live in Sweden. I love football so that's what you'll see here. I also make graphics in Photoshop that I post. Xavi Hernandez and Philipp Lahm are my kings. I support FC Barcelona and follow Germany and Spain nt.

If you're going to use my edits, please do tell.
Reblog instead of repost and tell me if you're going to use them outside of Tumblr.
Thank you :)

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Oh what a wonderful birthday I’ve had!

I got everything that I wished for! :D

georginatheamazing-deactivated2 asked: i miss you and your beautiful edits, anyway i read somewhere that its your birthday and i would like to wish an amazing and perfect birthday, because you deserve it and i love you

Oh my gosh! Georgina! It has been so long since we last talked! I’ve missed you so much! I love you too, dear! How are you?
Thank you so much! :D ♥ ♥

Oh my holy god. I got the Barca book as a birthday gift.

marriedtovilla asked: Hey Sara! I'd like to wish you a very happy birthday, hope you have a wonderful day! ♥ And I think I've never said before, but I'm in love with your Tumblr. Thank you for making these amazing edits. xoxo, Dorina

Oh thank you so much dear! You are making me smile like an idiot here :’] ♥ ♥

boom-shackalaka asked: SARA MY LOVE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! OMG I MISSED YOU SO MUH-HUH-HUCH (AND SO DID ZLATAN WAHAHA) :* :* :* (oh and this is Jill btw.. :3)

I miss you toooo! Bwahahaha yeah, like Zlatan missed me. I’m pretty sure it’s YOU he’s after ;)
Thank you so much, love! :D ♥ ♥

emmamorten asked: Haappy Birthday! Hope you had a great day so far :D

Thank you so much! :D ♥

baptiste-radufe asked: Sara darling, happy super birthday. I just back to my pc and I see you! I really wish you'll have a great great one. I miss you so bad, love <333 *real hugg*

Thank you so much! I really miss you too! ♥ ♥

seronmatsa-van-klosteigereski asked: Happy Birthday! :)

Thank you! :D ♥

here I am, patiently waiting for my cake.

Why does it always take so long to make a cake on my birthday?

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